Friday, May 3, 2013

Points2Shop Experience

Points2shop an infamous online scams, one person didn't put enough time into a site and now every GPT site on the web is a scam. Let me be the first to tell you, your not going to make millions, you might only make $10 a day or $50 a week, but let me also tell you if you truly work at it you may end up make $60,000 a year, or more. Personally I am up to $700 a week, but I didn't start out that way. This is an review is from someone who has been using this site for over a year.

The Basics:
Average amount earned: $10 a day
Price Per Referral: Up to $1.50
Ways to make money: Referring your friends, online surveys, games, gambling

Pays through PayPal, check, or amazon points
No credit card required
Open worldwide
Signing-up is free
Payment proofs available on site
Trustworthy users always available to answer questions
PayPal, amazon, or check
Not another survey site

You don’t qualify for all surveys
You must win the game to receive the $10 bonus
Payouts take up to 48 hours
Some amazon rewards require you to pay shipping

Unique Rewards

UniqueRewards - online rewards program

It is quite possible that this is the highest paying GPT site on the web today. It is hard to find a negative review about unique rewards. I have been using this site for a few months now, and I have to admit I am quite pleased with how the sites is run, payout are received in a timely manner, three tier referral program, and I was approved for 80% of the surveys I tried for.

Average amount earned: Up to $50 a day

Price Per Referral: Up to $6.00 and 10% of all other earning

Ways to make money: Referring your friends, online surveys, polls, questionnaires.

Nature Bucks

Easy to understand
High paying referral program
Sign up bonus of $5
Simple Registration process
Payouts can take up to a week
Minimum payout of $1

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